Basingstoke Run
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16 May 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1406Alex Bigg 17:4517:43All Ages1Unknown1
2489Oli Morgan 17:5917:57All Ages2Unknown2
3334Cameron Coveney 18:2518:23All Ages3Unknown3
4478Maddie Deadman 19:1619:14All Ages4Unknown4
5472Marc Soane 19:1719:15All Ages5Unknown5
6493 20:2020:17All Ages6Unknown6
7200Jason Smith 20:3520:30All Ages7Unknown7
8404John Bigg 20:3720:35All Ages8Unknown8
9230Kieran Ruffle 20:3920:36All Ages9Unknown9
10341Ben White 21:0921:08All Ages10Unknown10
1162Jack Hedderly 21:0921:07All Ages11Unknown11
12222Kean Hamilton-Jones 21:3420:41All Ages12Unknown12
137Aaron Webb 21:4021:37All Ages13Unknown13
14321James Maslin 21:4421:41All Ages14Unknown14
15407Ricky Chan 22:0622:04All Ages15Unknown15
16326Sam Lucas 22:2922:25All Ages16Unknown16
17498Lisa Gottwald 22:3822:35All Ages17Unknown17
18108Owen Brooker 22:5322:51All Ages18Unknown18
19465Chris Harrop 22:5422:52All Ages19Unknown19
20433Claire Boyle 22:5822:56All Ages20Unknown20
21282Tommy Izzo 23:1323:06All Ages21Unknown21
22197Nico Rosser 23:1422:49All Ages22Unknown22
23367Dave Footer 23:2523:04All Ages23Unknown23
2421Owen Brooker 23:2923:23All Ages24Unknown24
25480Ollie Butler 23:2923:29All Ages25Unknown25
26306Gary Taberner 23:3123:29All Ages26Unknown26
2738Thomas Allaway 23:3323:30All Ages27Unknown27
28235Ruth Ballard 23:3623:28All Ages28Unknown28
29479Danielle Butler 23:3923:35All Ages29Unknown29
30464Tracey Harf 23:4223:38All Ages30Unknown30
31113Louie Lamport 23:4523:41All Ages31Unknown31
32474Beth McKinnon 23:4823:48All Ages32Unknown32
33327Max Lucas 24:0023:55All Ages33Unknown33
34530Rory McLanhlin 24:0523:57All Ages34Unknown34
35264Jai Smith 24:1123:35All Ages35Unknown35
36335Charlie Coveney 24:1624:09All Ages36Unknown36
37333Cat Coveney 24:1624:09All Ages37Unknown37
38373Clare Hagen 24:1824:10All Ages38Unknown38
39225Jake Nice 24:4124:33All Ages39Unknown39
4023Sam Hartgill 24:4424:37All Ages40Unknown40
41405Jessica Bigg 24:4524:43All Ages41Unknown41
42361Alex McGregor 24:4624:20All Ages42Unknown42
43372Jodie Strong 24:4824:42All Ages43Unknown43
44124Dan Miller 24:5324:47All Ages44Unknown44
4551Luke Venner 25:0924:22All Ages45Unknown45
461405Laura McNamara 25:1425:14All Ages46Unknown46
47243Finlay Garlick 25:1725:05All Ages47Unknown47
48427Benjamin Leach 25:2024:54All Ages48Unknown48
49360Robert McGregor 25:4325:17All Ages49Unknown49
50229Gaius Kemp 25:4525:40All Ages50Unknown50
Page 1 of 10 (458 items)

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