Camden Schools Cross Country - 29 Sep 17
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29 Sep 2017
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Race No
Team Pos
1364Che 00:04:35Rosary2
21169Joe Rodger00:04:42Gospel Oak9
3833Fred 00:04:45HT NW13
4873Josh 00:04:46Emmanuel12
5367Dominic 00:04:55Rosary2
6582Alex 00:04:55Primrose Hill4
71172Tiko Alaneme00:04:56Gospel Oak9
8583Archie 00:04:59Primrose Hill4
9765Paolo Ceccoli 00:04:59CCNW31
10766Matteo Ceccoli 00:05:00CCNW31
111245Ben Hannan00:05:01New End11
121361Nasser 00:05:02St Lukes10
13770Nicolas Kidel 00:05:02CCNW31
14950Quinn 00:05:04Brookfield5
15240Timothy 00:05:07Hampstead P8
16327Mason 00:05:08Kingsgate7
17515Hal 00:05:09Kentish Town6
18714Sam 00:05:09Torriano17
19834Augie 00:05:12HT NW13
20533Oscar W 00:05:13Kentish Town6
21952Charlie 00:05:15Brookfield5
22712Isaih 00:05:15Torriano17
23365Matues 00:05:16Rosary2
24627Raphael Coles00:05:16Beckford13
25835Feodor 00:05:17HT NW13
261357Frederic 00:05:18St Lukes10
27951Oren 00:05:19Brookfield5
28838Wilfred 00:05:20HT NW13
29673Anice 00:05:20St Pauls 
301063Zacharie 00:05:21Fitzjohns14
31767Pablo Fernandez 00:05:21CCNW31
32579Hasan 00:05:23Primrose Hill4
33236Jack 00:05:24Hampstead P8
34324Joshua 00:05:25Kingsgate7
35530Oscar P 00:05:25Kentish Town6
361243Elai Goldin00:05:26New End11
371360Joseph 00:05:27St Lukes10
38368Sean 00:05:29Rosary2
3919Ryan Lopes00:05:29Richard Cobden15
40325Eldi 00:05:32Kingsgate7
41523Ned 00:05:32Kentish Town6
42874Angus 00:05:33Emmanuel12
4362Bradley Lowne00:05:33Carlton16
44768James Feng 00:05:35CCNW31
45323Aaron 00:05:38Kingsgate7
46254Nico 00:05:38Hampstead P8
47250Sebastian M 00:05:38Hampstead P8
4818Franklyn Nkani00:05:41Richard Cobden15
49366Riley 00:05:41Rosary2
50956Sam 00:05:42Brookfield5
Page 1 of 4 (165 items)