2017 Combat Medic 5K Run
28 Oct 2017


CategoryPosTeam NameTeam ResultNo Members
5-Person Team156tháSignal Battalion00:20:575
5-Person Team2Alphatraz00:21:115
5-Person Team3Tusker Medic, Warrior Spirit00:21:305
5-Person Team4Bravo Bulldogs00:21:315
5-Person Team5Too Stupid To Stop00:21:405
5-Person Team61st Platoon Road Guards00:21:445
5-Person Team7Charlie Cougars00:22:016
5-Person Team8Bravo Company, 188th Medical Battalion00:22:095
5-Person Team9Echo Frisky 500:22:105
5-Person Team101-46 Benning Boys00:22:225
5-Person Team11Chafing The Dream00:22:315
5-Person Team12187th Medical Battalion00:22:345
5-Person Team13Whiskey Chasers 00:23:345
5-Person Team14Low Speed, High Drag00:23:465
5-Person Team154856 Boyz00:23:575
5-Person Team16Misfits00:24:035
5-Person Team17Kralman's Cool Cats00:24:035
5-Person Team18We Thought They Said Rum00:24:075
5-Person Team19It's Us00:24:115
5-Person Team20E-4 and not a mile more.00:24:205
5-Person Team21Alpha Hamilton00:24:285
5-Person Team22Senior Medics00:24:325
5-Person Team23Alpha 264 Team Willis00:24:455
5-Person Team24Koko Krispies00:24:505
5-Person Team25The Troubleshooters00:24:515
5-Person Team26WOLFPACK 00:25:065
5-Person Team27The George Doles00:25:115
5-Person Team28Team 700:25:115
5-Person Team29War Elephants00:25:485
5-Person Team30Team Name00:25:495
5-Person Team31Silent Killers00:25:575
5-Person Team32The Hoo Crew00:26:095
5-Person Team33Normal Saline00:26:145
5-Person Team34nighthawk00:26:175
5-Person Team35Weekend Runaways00:26:195
5-Person Team36Bravo bandits00:26:235
5-Person Team37Cougar Bait00:26:254
5-Person Team38Roughnecks00:26:295
5-Person Team39The Magnificent Five00:26:415
5-Person Team40RHC-C Team # 100:26:515
5-Person Team41Dark Knight Dachshunds00:26:535
5-Person Team42Squatting Dogs00:27:345
5-Person Team43Madd Dogs 23200:27:375
5-Person Team44Warrior Spirit00:27:435
5-Person Team45Whiskey with coke00:27:455
5-Person Team46Whiskey Business00:28:025
5-Person Team47Ares00:28:045
5-Person Team48Alpha Tigers00:28:245
5-Person Team49RHC-C Team # 200:28:285
5-Person Team50Benning Boyz00:28:335
5-Person Team515 Buns on the Run00:28:405
5-Person Team52Benning Brawlers 100:28:475
5-Person Team53Wishful Thinking00:28:485
5-Person Team54Koda00:28:505
5-Person Team55Elite Runners00:28:595
5-Person Team5668K WeRun4Fun00:29:085
5-Person Team57titans200:29:105
5-Person Team58Regulators00:29:145
5-Person Team59Jungle Penetrators00:29:175
5-Person Team60I don't know 00:29:235
5-Person Team61The 5 Rights00:29:495
5-Person Team62The Runners That Run Cont.00:30:015
5-Person Team63The C team00:30:065
5-Person Team64triage00:30:095
5-Person Team65Titans00:30:245
5-Person Team66Sierra Tango Delta00:30:265
5-Person Team67Shin Splints00:30:275
5-Person Team68Walk Don't Run 00:30:335
5-Person Team69Mad Dawgs00:30:335
5-Person Team70We're Not Foxtrot00:30:575
5-Person Team71OutLawz00:30:585
5-Person Team72Bravo Aqcanbeegeoters00:31:085
5-Person Team73Run Like The Winded00:31:125
5-Person Team74Barely Alive00:31:155
5-Person Team75CTRL P 00:31:395
5-Person Team76The Runners That Run 00:31:545
5-Person Team77Alpha 264 Team Nguyen00:31:585
5-Person Team78Worst Pace Scenario00:32:005
5-Person Team79White Walkers00:32:055
5-Person Team80Team Banange00:32:065
5-Person Team81Pitbulls 00:32:265
5-Person Team82Tumornators00:32:385
5-Person Team83Renegades00:32:415
5-Person Team84Alpha Hero Squad00:32:575
5-Person Team85Torres00:32:595
5-Person Team86The Overhead Arm Pull00:33:065
5-Person Team87The PT Belts00:33:155
5-Person Team88Rough ridettes CBD00:33:315
5-Person Team89Madray's kids00:33:555
5-Person Team90Alpha00:34:105
5-Person Team91MWA 00:34:205
5-Person Team92Quads Of Fury00:35:475
5-Person Team93Triple RBP00:39:015
5-Person Team94ABC 00:51:355
5-Person Team95Majors Blowout00:52:225