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07 May 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Type
1323 Robert Wood16:1916:16All Ages1Male1Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
2225 Jonathan Bradford16:4716:46All Ages2Male2Running ClubSerpentine Running Club
328 Andy Goddard17:2317:20All Ages3Male3Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
4319 Alex Bigg17:3317:30All Ages4Male4Other TeamTeam Bigg
5228 Marc Soane17:5617:53All Ages5Male5CorporateWSP | PB
62 Simon Brown18:0317:59All Ages6Male6Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
7282 Nick Wood18:0618:04All Ages7Male7Running ClubWinchester & District AC
8287 Neville Welsh-Smyth18:0818:05All Ages8Male8  
9310 Matt Melville18:1018:09All Ages9Male9Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
10226 Chris Furness18:2518:22All Ages10Male10Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
11333Elliott Holt18:2918:24All Ages11Male11  
12231 Harry Hinson18:3118:30All Ages12Male12  
1335 Harrison Morgan18:4118:36All Ages13Male13Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
14270 Matt Pillinger19:2319:21All Ages14Male14  
15308 Charlotte Earl19:3019:26All Ages1Female1Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
1679 John Mcelroy19:3119:25All Ages15Male15Running ClubChineham Park Running Club
17147 Dave Rawlins19:3219:32All Ages16Male16  
18162 Steve McGeown19:3519:34All Ages17Male17Running ClubHook Runners
1968 Mark Norris19:3919:35All Ages18Male18Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
204Mark Hemmings19:4319:38All Ages19Male19  
21247Rob Kershaw20:0720:00All Ages20Male20Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
22246 Nick Onslow20:0920:06All Ages21Male21Running ClubBramley Trail Runners
23117 MICHAEL STANFORD20:1020:08All Ages22Male22Other TeamGo Walkies
24259 Mitch Lloyd20:1320:09All Ages2Female2Other TeamPetra Jewellery
25114 Damon Hope20:1420:10All Ages23Male23Other TeamGo Walkies
2634 Gareth Morgan20:1420:09All Ages24Male24  
27230 Chris Clifton20:1720:11All Ages25Male25Running ClubFleet and Church Crookham AC
28320 John Bigg20:2220:18All Ages26Male26Other TeamTeam Bigg
299 Chris England20:2320:18All Ages27Male27CorporateWSP | PB
3054 Glen Jepson20:2420:21All Ages28Male28Running ClubBasingstoke & Mid Hants AC
313 Mark Butler20:2620:20All Ages29Male29Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
32189 Tilbikram Sambahangphe20:2720:20All Ages30Male30  
3382 Richard Pearce20:3020:05All Ages31Male31  
34123 Henry Morris20:3220:28All Ages32Male32Other TeamSmart Bodyshop
35266Chris White20:3820:34All Ages33Male33CorporateWSP | PB
36305 Jemma Neate20:4120:39All Ages3Female3  
37205 John Gunn20:4320:34All Ages34Male34  
38204 Richard Connor20:5420:48All Ages35Male35Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
3997 Kevin Biles20:5620:50All Ages36Male36Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
40150 Ricky Chan21:0020:53All Ages37Male37  
41306 James Bate21:0220:52All Ages38Male38  
42116John Barlow21:0321:00All Ages39Male39Other TeamGo Walkies
43146 Richard Wheeler21:0320:55All Ages40Male40Running ClubHart Rd Runners
44358 Alex Lee21:0520:56All Ages41Male41Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
45124 Louis Morris21:0721:02All Ages42Male42Other TeamSmart Bodyshop
46197 Michal Bursak21:2121:16All Ages43Male43  
47349 Nicholas Mitchell21:2421:18All Ages44Male44  
48304 Ryan Chapple21:3121:26All Ages45Male45Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
4950Graham Collins21:3121:25All Ages46Male46Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
50211 Philip Gordon21:3721:28All Ages47Male47Running ClubHatch Warren Runners
Page 1 of 6 (300 items)

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