Basingstoke Run
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16 May 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos *
Gen Pos
1430David Fry 36:0536:04All Ages1Unknown1
2339Nick Wood 38:3738:35All Ages2Unknown2
3325Liam Barry-Carroll 38:5338:51All Ages3Unknown3
4141Tom Harding 39:0839:06All Ages4Unknown4
5121Jack Hempstead 39:2139:20All Ages5Unknown5
6210Dan Bowden 39:3239:31All Ages6Unknown6
7305Andy Dykes 39:3639:35All Ages7Unknown7
8103Jack Murphy 39:5839:55All Ages8Unknown8
9244Simon Brown 40:1440:13All Ages9Unknown9
10301Matt Clark 40:2040:18All Ages10Unknown10
11328Peter Wattle 40:2140:18All Ages11Unknown11
12235Francesco Tambellini 40:3340:26All Ages12Unknown12
13284Jamie Taylor 41:0840:02All Ages13Unknown13
14326Niall Simmonds 41:1741:15All Ages14Unknown14
15181Nick Walters 41:3541:05All Ages15Unknown15
16219Brooke Johnson 41:5541:52All Ages16Unknown16
17336Chris Goad 41:5841:44All Ages17Unknown17
18428Richard Sutton 42:3642:34All Ages18Unknown18
19472Robert Branegci 42:4138:12All Ages19Unknown19
20298Ian Thompson 42:4442:42All Ages20Unknown20
2115Olly Webb 42:4742:44All Ages21Unknown21
22134Paul Perratt 42:4942:44All Ages22Unknown22
2323Tom Hartgill 43:2143:18All Ages23Unknown23
24480Richard Heath 43:4243:29All Ages24Unknown24
25144Lee Berridge 43:5943:51All Ages25Unknown25
26327Adam Griffiths 44:2444:20All Ages26Unknown26
27401Grant Bray 44:2644:21All Ages27Unknown27
28145Lee Jenkins-Hewes 44:4344:25All Ages28Unknown28
29272Simon Wraight 44:5944:53All Ages29Unknown29
30487Richard Wheeler 45:1545:08All Ages30Unknown30
31270Richard Spiers 45:2245:15All Ages31Unknown31
326Martin Hughes 45:3545:22All Ages32Unknown32
33317Rob Eustace 45:3945:08All Ages33Unknown33
34213Gavin Roberts 45:5145:48All Ages34Unknown34
35455Maru Miller 45:5445:46All Ages35Unknown35
36482Mitch Lloyd 45:5845:56All Ages36Unknown36
37237Jack Barrett 46:0945:55All Ages37Unknown37
3838Jamie Dunkerley 46:0946:07All Ages38Unknown38
391Joe White 46:1246:06All Ages39Unknown39
40117Craig Broadbent 46:1346:10All Ages40Unknown40
41278Gregor Restell 46:2346:16All Ages41Unknown41
42353Richard Baird 46:3046:22All Ages42Unknown42
43105Ian Edwards 46:3446:03All Ages43Unknown43
4437Jim Howard 46:4046:28All Ages44Unknown44
4588Darren Goodley 46:4746:32All Ages45Unknown45
46486Rhianna Stanley 46:4846:41All Ages46Unknown46
47330Ho Leung Yu 46:5346:33All Ages47Unknown47
48288Dave Carver 47:0246:59All Ages48Unknown48
4918Sam Hidson 47:0346:51All Ages49Unknown49
5017Steven Stubbings 47:0646:52All Ages50Unknown50
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