GOSH Walkie Talkie Tower Climb 2019
2 Mar 2019


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategory
1514Laurence Ball00:04:19All Ages
2470David Harris00:04:21All Ages
3352Jamie Hall00:04:36All Ages
4200Sarah Frost00:04:47All Ages
5187Nishad Manerikar00:05:03All Ages
6497Christopher Li00:05:28All Ages
7481Sonja Shakespeare00:05:28All Ages
8291Marc Prevot00:05:31All Ages
9265Alexander Hoellinger00:05:33All Ages
10343David Aston00:05:35All Ages
11205Theo Messenger-Jones00:05:40All Ages
12346Andrew Calero00:05:49All Ages
13280Daniel Di Zonno00:05:52All Ages
14383Kris WOOLLARD00:05:53All Ages
15400Oliver Metzgen00:05:55All Ages
16264Stuart Harrison00:05:57All Ages
17499Adam Roeder00:05:58All Ages
18259Elaine C Battson00:05:59All Ages
19586Iordanis Fytanoglou00:06:06All Ages
20357Charles Joseph00:06:11All Ages
21534Martin Evans00:06:11All Ages
22495Pritpal Sahota00:06:15All Ages
23306Karen Bond00:06:15All Ages
24550Emma Joy00:06:16All Ages
25212Koon Wei Ng00:06:18All Ages
26574Arron Sohota00:06:21All Ages
27437Michael Desmond00:06:21All Ages
28440Gregory Graham00:06:23All Ages
29389Elvis Hall00:06:30All Ages
306Noel REDDINGTON00:06:30All Ages
31267Ioannis Koutentakis00:06:35All Ages
32393Robin Truswell00:06:43All Ages
33450David Lillywhite00:06:43All Ages
34195Ash Rutledge00:06:47All Ages
35485Harry Gay00:06:50All Ages
36591Lucia France00:06:54All Ages
37565Ersin Ramiz00:06:57All Ages
38380Ben Underhill00:07:01All Ages
39282Michael Carroll00:07:03All Ages
40367Sarah Mo00:07:05All Ages
41549Scott Jennings00:07:08All Ages
42513Ben Baldwin00:07:13All Ages
43382Neil Varshney00:07:16All Ages
44261Stephanie Chan00:07:19All Ages
45179Ben Fox00:07:19All Ages
46552Christian Linares00:07:19All Ages
47563Tajinder Rai00:07:21All Ages
48435Werwin Carlos00:07:22All Ages
49272Leanne Thompson00:07:24All Ages
50446LUCY HONEYMAN00:07:25All Ages
Page 1 of 7 (329 items)