Iznik Ultra 2013
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11 Mahmut Yavuz Mahmut Yavuz 13:52:06M25-341Male1
235 Aykut Çelikbas Aykut Çelikbas 14:15:36M35-441Male2
34 Elena Polyakova Elena Polyakova 15:00:40F1Female1
43 Mustafa Poyraz Mustafa Poyraz 15:14:58M35-442Male3
542 Bahadir Isseven Bahadir Isseven 16:02:53M35-443Male4
651 Ayhan Artan Ayhan Artan 16:23:55M45+1Male5
734 Ihsan Sal Ihsan Sal 16:51:18M45+2Male6
840 Ender Toptas Ender Toptas 16:51:18M45+3Male7
945 Servet Çataltepe Servet Çataltepe 16:57:59M25-342Male8
1023 Ferda Falay Ferda Falay 17:10:51M45+4Male9
1130 Hasan Onat Hasan Onat 17:25:46M35-444Male10
1241 Selçuk Çaglar Selçuk Çaglar 17:31:55M45+5Male11
1326 Bünyan Asik Bünyan Asik 18:44:19M45+6Male12
1449 Ingmar Weber Ingmar Weber 19:08:45M35-445Male13
1524 Necip Yilmaz Necip Yilmaz 19:16:58M35-446Male14
166 Muazzez Özçelik Muazzez Özçelik 19:53:42F2Female2
1738 Bilge Kurt Bilge Kurt 19:53:43M25-343Male15
1810 Ibrahim Efilti Ibrahim Efilti 19:53:43M35-447Male16
1933 Fedai Kürtül Fedai Kürtül 20:39:41M45+7Male17
2028 Güngör Çaygöz Güngör Çaygöz 20:57:24M35-448Male18
2143 Melih Aras Melih Aras 21:15:07M25-344Male19
2248 Stephan Vogel Stephan Vogel 21:21:37M45+8Male20
2312 Gürhan Akdag Gürhan Akdag 21:25:45M35-449Male21
249 Mike Friedl Mike Friedl 21:26:12M45+9Male22
2554 Alper Dalkilic Alper Dalkilic 21:59:42M35-4410Male23
2611 Mustafa Üçbilek Mustafa Üçbilek 21:59:56M35-4411Male24
2746 Julien Stern Julien Stern 22:02:31M25-345Male25
285 Bakiye Duran Bakiye Duran 22:55:13F3Female3
2922 Hakan Tilgel Hakan Tilgel 23:30:50M35-4412Male26
 2 Mustafa Kiziltas Mustafa Kiziltas DNFM45+ Male 
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