Michael Rejmer 5 mile Race 1
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31 Mar 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
198THOMAS KLIMAS00:29:16All Ages1Male1
286ADRIAN CASEY00:30:05All Ages2Male2
334Kevin Johnson00:31:28Men Over 401Male3
435Witold Kaczurba00:31:43All Ages3Male4
545Joe Laffan00:31:48All Ages4Male5
664Neil O Conaill 00:32:10Men Over 402Male6
77Kevin Broughton00:32:44Men Over 403Male7
848Gary Madden00:33:15Men Over 404Male8
987MARK DEMPSEY00:33:37All Ages5Male9
10100PAT HARTIGAN00:34:08All Ages6Male10
1149Mairead Mason00:34:48Ladies Over 401Female1
1260Waldemar Morski 00:34:52Men Over 405Male11
1312Mike Cooney00:34:57Men Over 406Male12
142Aisling Ahern00:35:05All Ages1Female2
1550Louise Matthews00:35:14Ladies Over 402Female3
1699JONATHON KLIMAS00:35:29All Ages7Male13
17105tom madden00:35:54All Ages8Male14
1877Kevin Saude00:36:15All Ages9Male15
1989PAKIE O RIORDAN00:36:17All Ages10Male16
2014Eoin Corcoran00:36:29All Ages11Male17
2147Seamus Lynch00:36:31Men Over 407Male18
2216Darren Crowe00:36:40All Ages12Male19
2388DECLAN O DRISCOLL00:36:43All Ages13Male20
2496AIDAN GRAHAM00:36:49All Ages14Male21
254Patrick Anderson00:36:56Men Over 408Male22
265Niall Bennis00:37:11All Ages15Male23
2785DERMOT O MALLEY00:37:16All Ages16Male24
2822Frank Gleeson 00:37:32Men Over 409Male25
299Brian Clancy00:37:41Men Over 4010Male26
3057Mike Meskell00:37:42Men Over 4011Male27
3113Liam Corcoran00:37:49Men Over 4012Male28
3229Pat Halpin00:37:50Men Over 4013Male29
33104declan keating00:38:11All Ages17Male30
34102fionnula keogh00:38:12All Ages2Female4
35103peter keogh00:38:12All Ages18Male31
3646Shane Lillis00:38:41All Ages19Male32
3797AGNIESZKA KLIMAS00:38:57All Ages3Female5
3839Marie Keane00:39:08Ladies Over 403Female6
3928Alan Grimes00:39:09All Ages20Male33
403Mark Allen00:39:17Men Over 4014Male34
4158Andy Minogue00:39:24Men Over 4015Male35
4223Sharon Goldsmith00:39:43Ladies Over 404Female7
4383GER MULLAN00:39:52All Ages21Male36
4420Anna Fahy Ryan00:40:19Ladies Over 405Female8
4524Denise Gore 00:40:23Ladies Over 406Female9
461Edel Henriques 00:40:23All Ages4Female10
4718yvonne deegan00:40:43Ladies Over 407Female11
4867DESMOND O'LEARY00:40:43Men Over 4016Male37
4981Martin Waters00:40:58Men Over 4017Male38
5033Paddy Johnson00:41:03All Ages22Male39
Page 1 of 3 (105 items)

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