Sonny Murphy 10 Mile
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9 Apr 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11229Julio Cesar00:55:03Male Senior1Male1
21232Cathal O Connell00:56:43Male Over 501Male2
3693Michael Kerin01:00:41Male Senior2Male3
4678John Moloney01:00:46Male Over 401Male4
51231David Lyons01:01:56Male Senior3Male5
6624Fergus Kelly01:03:57Male Senior4Male6
7995Gerry O Connell01:03:57Male Over 551Male7
819James Flanagan01:04:07Male Over 451Male8
91226Fintan Whelan01:04:07Male Senior5Male9
10690Fergal Grogan01:04:08Male Over 402Male10
11673Anto Devaney01:04:43Male Over 403Male11
121247Decky Madden01:04:56Male Over 502Male12
13293John O'GORMAN 01:05:06Male Over 503Male13
141230Tom Micks01:05:20Male Over 452Male14
151405Kieran Dillon01:05:28Male Over 404Male15
16963James Kenny01:05:32Male Over 552Male16
171228Kevin Synott01:05:42Male Over 405Male17
18974Henry O'Connell01:06:22Male Over 406Male18
19970Neil O CONAILL01:07:06Male Over 504Male19
20136liam shannon01:07:13Male Over 407Male20
21576SELENIA CULLIGAN01:07:28Female Over 401Female1
2230John Keogh01:07:40Male Over 408Male21
231428Pierce Griffin01:07:46Male Senior6Male22
24610DesmonD Broaders01:07:48Male Over 505Male23
25999Trevor White01:07:51Male Over 453Male24
261442Gary Madden01:08:11Male Over 409Male25
27984Martin Waters01:08:12Male Over 4010Male26
28361Dara DEVER 01:08:50Male Senior7Male27
291238Cormac Flannery01:09:01Male Over 4011Male28
30257Aidan Downes01:09:05Male Over 454Male29
311237Tommy Whyte01:09:10Male Over 553Male30
32362Michael Eustace01:09:36Male Senior8Male31
331411Deirdre Finn01:09:37Female Over 501Female2
34286Michael Bermingham01:09:44Male Over 4012Male32
351444Patrick Courtney01:10:01Male Senior9Male33
36255Colm Fitzgerald01:10:06Male Senior10Male34
37114Anne marie Connellan 01:10:08Female Over 402Female3
38512Maeve Flannery01:10:38Female Senior1Female4
3968Adrian Casey01:10:44Male Over 4013Male35
40365Sean McNamara01:10:59Male Over 4014Male36
41672Pat Coleman01:11:20Male Over 506Male37
42358John Cahill01:11:21Male Over 507Male38
431245Barry Rafter01:11:26Male Over 601Male39
44126Joe O'Donovan01:11:45Male Over 455Male40
45390Sean Hayes01:11:57Male Senior11Male41
46613Keir Mc Namara01:11:58Male Over 4015Male42
47497John Guerin 01:12:08Male Senior12Male43
48261Enda O'Loughlin01:12:13Male Over 4016Male44
49527David Burrows01:12:36Male Over 4017Male45
50551Matthew Garrett01:12:38Male Over 456Male46
Page 1 of 15 (742 items)

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