Bunny Run 5 Mile
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16 Apr 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
17Brian Murphy00:26:41All Ages1Male1
272Brian Swaby00:27:56All Ages2Male2
383Pat Grant00:29:52Men Over 401Male3
412Craig O'Brien00:30:19All Ages3Male4
5122ROBBIE O BRIEN00:30:58All Ages4Male5
627Peter Hennessey00:30:59Men Over 402Male6
7105John BYRNE00:31:28Men Over 403Male7
8126EOIN HEARNE00:31:28All Ages5Male8
9113DAVID LANIGAN00:31:30Men Over 404Male9
1034Alan Kavanagh00:31:39Men Over 405Male10
1175Paul Lenihan00:31:50Men Over 406Male11
12114DAVID CUNNINGHAM00:31:50Men Over 407Male12
13104kealy tideswell00:32:06All Ages1Female1
14146KATE VEALE00:32:24All Ages2Female2
1536Colin Grant00:33:13Men Over 408Male13
1666Brendan Doyle00:33:13Men Over 409Male14
17124John GUIRY00:33:15Men Over 4010Male15
1818Brendan Aspel00:33:45Men Over 4011Male16
1977Paul Quinlan00:33:48All Ages6Male17
2069Louise Matthews00:33:56Ladies Over 401Female3
2171Adrian Asdel00:34:07Men Over 4012Male18
2286Mick Power00:34:08Men Over 4013Male19
238Naomi Doonan00:34:15Ladies Over 402Female4
2446Jamie Sheridan00:34:15All Ages7Male20
2533Wayne Ryan00:34:20All Ages8Male21
2665Andrew O'Brien00:34:26All Ages9Male22
2782John Tierney00:35:08Men Over 4014Male23
28125IVOR IRISH00:35:14All Ages10Male24
2930Tony Kehoe00:35:18Men Over 4015Male25
30154aaron o neill00:35:21All Ages11Male26
31156WILLY POWER00:35:26All Ages12Male27
32155JAMES MANNING00:35:26All Ages13Male28
3380Joe Ruocca00:35:28All Ages14Male29
34157JOEY TWOMEY00:35:28All Ages15Male30
35116SINEAD BRANNIGAN00:36:02All Ages3Female5
36115STEPHANIE JOHNSON00:36:07Ladies Over 403Female6
3754MARIA WHITE00:36:17Ladies Over 404Female7
38142John CLANCY00:36:23All Ages16Male31
399John Paul Brophy00:36:54All Ages17Male32
4079Niall Atkins00:37:16All Ages18Male33
4195Aisling Simpson00:37:21JUMIOR LADIES U161Female8
42123GER BRENNAN00:37:28All Ages19Male34
4325Kevin McHugh00:37:31Men Over 4016Male35
4467Paddy Shortall00:37:35All Ages20Male36
4522Brian Mackey00:38:09Men Over 4017Male37
4632Christopher Ryan00:38:27All Ages21Male38
47102JIM BOURKE00:38:42Men Over 4018Male39
48109JAMES KERRY00:38:52All Ages22Male40
49134JANE MURPHY00:39:01All Ages4Female9
5059Liam McCarthy00:39:33Men Over 4019Male41
Page 1 of 4 (157 items)

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